Exceptionally Crafted Masterpiece

A beautiful timeless home in a league of its own

With Dinese and Rex Collins involved in creating a home, there could only be one outcome, and that is one of exceptional quality. With a longstanding and successful career in steel framing for houses, this in-depth knowledge has manifested by way of an impeccably built Oamaru stone home in central Bethlehem.

Set on an expansive section, this 489sqm five-bedroom home is in a league of its own. Designed by current owner Rex Collins the home has been built allowing abundant space for a large family. “We wanted to create a house so we could have the grandchildren to stay and they had plenty of room,” says Dinese.

Its generously proportioned hallways, ceiling heights and living areas create space for comfortable living while providing room to accommodate significant furnishings, collectables, and artworks.

Mindful consideration went into the design around providing disability access throughout the house also – a rare feature among homes today.

The proportions don’t stop at the house either with a fully insulated, carpeted five-car adjoining garage. The current owners store their two cars, boat, motorcycle, and RV. It also provides plentiful storage and a workbench as well as access via both ends via automatic garage doors. Rex wanted it fully insulated to protect their vehicles from dampness and condensation even the garage doors are insulated. “You can go in there in the middle of winter, and it’s just as warm as the house,” says Dinese.

Built in Oamaru stone, the home exudes a timeless and classical look. Rex and Dinese had admired old Oamaru stone homes in the South Island that despite their age still looked stunning. They liked the single colour and clean look the Oamaru stone gives, particularly in their chosen flush finish. 90 tonne of Oamaru stone was shipped up for the build, and a stonemason was appointed.

Another unique feature of the home is its construction in steel framing which Rex and Dinese have specialised in as a business. “With a steel-framed home, the house remains fully stable, you get no movement in the ceilings, doors or windows, no cracks in the ceilings, no sagging,” says Rex. The steel remains straight; it doesn’t shrink or expand. A steel-framed home also creates a house with a very low fire risk.

“When we built the home, we went to the extremes in everything,” says Rex. A thermally broken rigid air barrier adds to the fibreglass batt insulation around the outside of the home with two weatherproof backup systems– this creates extra insulation, extra noise control from outside and a second weather defence. “Because he’s in the industry he went overboard on everything,” says Dinese.

While moving on from this home wrenches at their heartstrings, a new build and a new chapter await for Rex and Dinese, and the new owners for 129D Moffat Road will own a home of extraordinary quality and construction – an exceptionally crafted masterpiece in the heart of Bethlehem.              

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