Tucked Away Down Under – Thank Goodness!

Tucked Away Down Under – Thank Goodness!

Well, here we all are stuck at home living this quite unimaginable reality. If ever there is a time to question our sheer existence and purpose this would be now. One thing that I am certain about however is the fact that I’m pleased to be stuck in Aotearoa. For once being at the bottom of the world and far away from everywhere is a blessing. Hallelujah! The land of the long white cloud has never felt so good.

More specifically, I am grateful to be ensconced in our new home in Tauranga. The stars all aligned two days before lock down allowing our settlement to happen and our moving company able to relocate us before New Zealand as we know it shut up shop. We all need to look for the silver linings because they do exist even if some of us have to look a bit harder than others.

When we are forced indoors and confined to the four walls of our homes with only essential services available, it’s also a time to question what it is that we really do need. We have time to reflect on the way we exist, what we chose to spend our money on, the priorities that we give focus. Perhaps life had become out of alignment, and this is a time to take a reality check and think about what is important. I think we would all concur that right now our priorities would encompass our intrinsic need for certainty and our great need for connection, family and community. Sometimes it’s only when things are taken away from us that we see their value.

Working in the property industry at this time of uncertainty, one thing has become apparent; if ever there has been a time where property has become important, it is right now. Owning a house for one is not only a tangible asset that gives a sense of security, but it also provides us with a home, a safe place, a place for family and in the true sense of the word a place of peace. When the chips are down, home is where we want to go.   

It will come as no surprise then that here at New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty that there has been a significant surge in our property searches from the international market equating to daily increases by 100 per cent. New Zealand has always been seen as a desirable country to live but even more so now. Through our government’s bold leadership, our geographic location as an island with the ability to close borders, our small population and our unified approach to combat COVID-19, New Zealand has much appeal.

Some property experts predict that we are likely to see a loss in house values across New Zealand of 7 per cent. Still, with a shortage of housing supply and with what may be an increasing demand internationally, this would seem a short-term scenario. People may be keener than ever to purchase a piece of God’s Own. So, bearing that in mind, we suggest buyers and purchasers alike look for the opportunities that this market offers. Cashed up buyers can take advantage of the low-interest rates as can investors and homeowners. Get creative and try to remain positive in this unprecedented time in history.

We must remain hopeful with the faith that balance will return to our lives, and life will recommence as we knew it but perhaps this time a little more in touch with what really does matter. I feel timelier now than ever is a passage from a famous old book which talks about the importance of “faith, hope and love; but the greatest of these is love”. 1 Corinthians 13:13.

Let’s stick together New Zealand and most of all be kind.

Photo courtesy of Bob Tulloch

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  1. Barbara Winchester

    Hi, you are extremely lucky to have got your settlement before lockdown. We sold and settled the property we owned 14th February and only found a suitable property to buy 2 days before settlement. The sellers wanted mid May for settlement, we begged for 8th April and got it. We have been staying at my son’s and Grandaughters as temporary accommodation. Ee had no idea that level 4 would prevent us from moving or settling, nor did the seller or our Lawyer’s until after the lockdown. We are in the risk group of 69 and 64 and so want to be alone in our new house. We now have no idea when it will happen, as the seller is in his early 70’s and had planned to go back home to the UK. We have to live in hope that level 2 will come back before winter as we are starting to find living like this very difficult after now 7 weeks, knowing it could be another 4- 9 weeks if taken to the 12 weeks. If it extends to 12 weeks my son is likely to loose his small businesses and then his first home which he only purchased last September. We are all living on a knife’s edge and whike feeling lucky to have all this beautiful weather and walking distance to the beach .we are feeling very let down by our agent who sold our house and we bought the new one through her as well. I have contacted her at the announcement of the lockdown but she hasn’t contacted us since. Enjoy your new home and know how very lucky you are.

    1. susielaery

      Hi Barbara,
      I am so sorry to hear of your predicament. This lockdown has taken us all by surprise and I feel for you very much. I am also sorry that you haven’t been given the support from your agent, I am surprised to hear there has been no response from her under the circumstances – I can imagine how let down you must be feeling right now.
      We are thrilled to have been able to move and set up our new home for our family. However, it is still challenging and each day we all write down our daily goals so by the end of the day we can feel a sense of achievement from our day. I guess in your instance the silver lining is you are able to spend some quality time with your son and granddaughter and perhaps they may very well need your support and company at this difficult time. Thanks for making contact and feel free to contact us anytime for a chat or any advice you may need in terms of your property going forward.
      Warm regards, Susie

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